Our Sponsors

Pairi Daiza

BEyond enjoys the support of great entrepreneurs from previous generations, many of whom now represent the Belgian establishment and want to promote the success of future entrepreneurs like you.

As sponsors and donors, they share a common concern for establishing a groundswell of new, successful companies, providing workplaces with a solid future and helping revitalize the economy.

We are particularly thankful to these, mostly family-based concerns, for getting actively involved with the Beyond community, offering advice, experience and providing fruitful contacts to the international business world.

Would you like your name to be associated with BEyond?

As a supporter of this elite group of technology-based scale-ups, you will be associated with the future success of these entrepreneurs and their companies, which together, represent the best of Belgium.

The publicity surrounding the annual naming of the successful candidates and their progress reflects positively on corporate citizenship, enhancing your credibility and overall reputation.

Your support provides essential links to a revitalized economy, representing an investment in both corporate citizenship and workplaces for the future.

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Initiated by the Pulse Foundation, six supporters of the Belgian economy (Agoria, Sirris, IMEC, EY, Datascouts and Universem) took on the challenge of helping Belgium’s most promising scale-ups become world players in their sector.

Pulse Foundation is a philanthropic initiative of entrepreneurial families in Belgium who, in order to sustain future wealth, set up a foundation to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Belgium. Pulse Foundation was able to launch BEyond with the financial support of the Fonds Baillet-Latour.

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