Adding to the spirit of community is the peer-to-peer learning, which has been highly rated by our scale-ups. You are not simply speaking to other entrepreneurs but to the very best out there.

Meeting, working with and sometimes brainstorming ideas with this group of like-minded scale-ups has been seen as one of the biggest benefits of being selected for the BEyond program.

Before the boot-camp, you start out as strangers and yet by the end of the year you have formed friendships and associations which can be useful for years to come.

BEyond 2020 Laureates

Benjamin Eysermans
Benjamin EysermansBAO living
Benny Willen
Benny WillenCloudalize
Catherine de Viron
Catherine de VironFullup
Céline Bouton
Alexandre de Bièvre
Alexandre de BièvreSentinel
Manuel Basilavecchia
Manuel BasilavecchiaNetaxis Solutions
Alexander Varvarenko
Alexander VarvarenkoShipnext
Romain Syed
Romain SyedShippr

BEyond 2019 Laureates

Alexandre McCormack
Alexandre McCormackShayp
Kevin Tillier
Kevin TillierMySkillCamp
Geert De Coensel
Geert De CoenselMerkator
Emna Everard
Emna EverardKazidomi
Danny Stevens
Danny Stevens FieldDrive
Karel Callens
Glenn Mathijssen
Glenn MathijssenAlberts
Geoffrey Gosset
Geoffrey GossetE-Peas
John Paul Bogers
John Paul BogersElmedix
Philippe Delforge
Philippe DelforgeFRS Robotics

BEyond 2018 Laureates

Pol Brouckaert
Bertrand Anckaert
Johan Langenbick
Johan LangenbickFoodpairing
Stijn Jans
Stijn JansIntigriti
Alex Driesen
Alex DriesenNallian
Jean Verheyen
Jean VerheyenNallian
Hans Constandt
Hans ConstandtOntoforce
Peter Soetens
Peter SoetensPick-it
Johannes Vermeire
Johannes VermeirePOM
Denis Periquet
Denis PeriquetTessares
Filip Geuens
Filip GeuensXenomatix
Yves Van Ingelgem
Yves Van IngelgemZensor