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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the people behind BEyond?2019-09-01T22:29:44+00:00

On the initiative of Pulse Foundation, 6 actors supporting the Belgian economy (Agoria, Sirris, IMEC, EY, DataScouts and Universem) take the challenge of helping Belgium’s most promising scale-ups become world players in their sector. Pulse Foundation was able to launch BEyond with the financial support of the Fonds Baillet-Latour.

Pulse Foundation is a philanthropic initiative of entrepreneurial families in Belgium who, in order to ensure the sustainability of our wealth, decided to set up a foundation to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Belgium.

What are the eligibility criteria?2019-09-01T22:29:50+00:00
  • International ambition to become a world leader.
  • Tech company.
  • Management or company has a link with Belgium (Headquarters or offices).
  • Founding year of your company is 2010 or later.
  • A strong, complementary team (minimum 2 people) is at the heart of your company and the management team is 100% involved.
  • Product market fit reached in the home market.
  • Ready to open capital, if needed.
  • Full time dedicated (founders, employees, freelancers): minimum of 08 people – if you have a doubt or question concerning these criteria, please contact us at
Is there a fees for participation in the program?2019-09-01T22:29:55+00:00
  • Yes, for the complete program is 1500 euros and only if you are selected within the 10 final scale-ups. It gives you access to 7 events: the Pre-Bootcamp, Bootcamp, Pitching preparation workshop, Investor Day, and 4-Quarterly workshops.
  • Signing a BEyond contract (upon request via contact): one of the articles states that you have to be present during the planned sessions. In case of ‘no show’ you are held to reimburse the cost price of your participation in BEyond.
What differentiates BEyond form other programs?2019-09-01T22:30:00+00:00

BEyond is implemented by Belgium’s most successful entrepreneurs, with the support of a large number of international CEO’s and the participation of top Belgian and international investors.

If I receive fundings via an event organised by BEyond, does BEyond become a shareholder of my company?2019-09-01T22:30:05+00:00

No! Never.

BEyond’s purpose is based on the philanthropic approach of Pulse Foundation to support entrepreneurship in Belgium. At BEyond we believe that supporting Belgians most promising scale-ups contributes to the strong and complementary entrepreneurial ecosystem which is necessary to ensure a healthy economy and lasting prosperity.

What are BEyond’s expectations from the scale-ups?2019-09-01T22:30:10+00:00

At BEyond we believe in excellence. The BEyond program is a fusion of the input of the best Belgian and international professionals in the field of acceleration of scale-up. We ask the scale-ups to be ambitious, total commitment to follow the program and willing to become a global player.

If I filled the requirements to become a mentor, member of the advisory board or speaker, what I do next?2019-09-01T22:42:07+00:00

To receive more information about contacting us directly via email with the Subject title: BEyond Mentor/Advisory Board/Speaker candidate 2019-2020.

How much of my time is requires as a Mentor?2019-09-01T22:42:23+00:00

The mentor is active in both phases in the BEyond program.

1. Acceleration phase

At the acceleration phase, with the help of the mentor, the scale-up will develop an international development plan that is both ambitious and credible.

The participation of the mentor consists of a half day of preparation, (5-6 hours) during which he discovers the scale-ups and meets the one he will guide.

The bootcamp of 3 days (Friday-Saturday-Sunday – 30 hours, if present during whole bootcamp) after which the scale-up will develop their development plan.

A half day to prepare the post bootcamp (4-5 hours), during which the scale-up will prepare a professional presentation to international investors.

2. Implementation phase

The implementation phase covers 18 months, whose objective is to implement the development plan. For specific questions, the mentor can rely on an advisory board. The frequency of contact with the scale-up is one half day per month (4 hours).

A member of the advisory board will need to be available to answer specific questions (ad hoc). Further he/she will be part of the advisory board of BEyond for which his/her presence is asked (one hour, 4 times in 18 months’ time). The estimated duration of each meeting is an hour per scale-up.

What qualifications should I have to be a Mentor, an Advisory Board, or a speaker for BEyond program?2019-09-01T22:42:31+00:00

This program is for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. The mentor is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded his/her business, developed it internationally and became a major player in its sector, bringing his/her experience, expertise, and network to accelerate the growth of promising scale-ups.

A member of the advisory board or speaker is an entrepreneur or a CEO with international experience.

Is there a remuneration to be a Mentor?2019-09-01T22:42:43+00:00

The program proposes a fee of 100 €/hour for the mentor with a maximum of 4.000€ (incl. VAT) per mentor/scale-up for the acceleration phase. The remuneration for the implementation phase is maximum 7.200€ (incl. VAT) per mentor/scale-up.

For the members of the advisory board, there is no remuneration foreseen. For a speaker, individual arrangements will be applicable.

What is the roll of a mentor, member of the advisory board, speaker or investor?2019-09-01T22:42:50+00:00

The mentor will accompany the scale-ups management team. He will raise doubts and push them to find the answers to questions raised in the course of international development. Optionally, he will examine the proposed options and challenge them to resolve the questions that have not been sufficiently thought through. He will bring his expertise and consult experts/directors who are qualified to answer a specific question. The mentor is an entrepreneur who has built his own company and developed it to an international level.

The advisory board accepts to reply rapidly to questions posed by the scale-up or the mentor. It is composed after the bootcamp and will meet for the first time at the start of the implementation phase, a second time after 6 months, a third time after 12 months, and a last time after 18 months.

The speaker participates in conferences essential to the international deployment of an enterprise. He will intervene in the day of preparation, the bootcamp or the day preparing for the pitch. The speaker is an entrepreneur or a CEO with international experience.

The investor will guide financially the international development of the scale-up. He could equally be speaker or member of the advisory board. A mentor could also be an investor in a scale-up registered in the program, except fot the one that he is mentoring.

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