The mentor will accompany the scale-ups management team. He will raise doubts and push them to find the answers to questions raised in the course of international development. Optionally, he will examine the proposed options and challenge them to resolve the questions that have not been sufficiently thought through. He will bring his expertise and consult experts/directors who are qualified to answer a specific question. The mentor is an entrepreneur who has built his own company and developed it to an international level.

The advisory board accepts to reply rapidly to questions posed by the scale-up or the mentor. It is composed after the bootcamp and will meet for the first time at the start of the implementation phase, a second time after 6 months, a third time after 12 months, and a last time after 18 months.

The speaker participates in conferences essential to the international deployment of an enterprise. He will intervene in the day of preparation, the bootcamp or the day preparing for the pitch. The speaker is an entrepreneur or a CEO with international experience.

The investor will guide financially the international development of the scale-up. He could equally be speaker or member of the advisory board. A mentor could also be an investor in a scale-up registered in the program, except fot the one that he is mentoring.