The mentor is active in both phases in the BEyond program.

1. Acceleration phase

At the acceleration phase, with the help of the mentor, the scale-up will develop an international development plan that is both ambitious and credible.

The participation of the mentor consists of a half day of preparation, (5-6 hours) during which he discovers the scale-ups and meets the one he will guide.

The bootcamp of 3 days (Friday-Saturday-Sunday – 30 hours, if present during whole bootcamp) after which the scale-up will develop their development plan.

A half day to prepare the post bootcamp (4-5 hours), during which the scale-up will prepare a professional presentation to international investors.

2. Implementation phase

The implementation phase covers 18 months, whose objective is to implement the development plan. For specific questions, the mentor can rely on an advisory board. The frequency of contact with the scale-up is one half day per month (4 hours).

A member of the advisory board will need to be available to answer specific questions (ad hoc). Further he/she will be part of the advisory board of BEyond for which his/her presence is asked (one hour, 4 times in 18 months’ time). The estimated duration of each meeting is an hour per scale-up.