About BEyond Alumni

At BEyond we believe that the power of community could pay you more in lifelong dividends. As the first edition came to an end in September 2019.

We worked hard to put together a program that will allow you to stay connected with BEyond and the Pulse Family.

Continue to learn

Learning is critical for anyone in a position of leadership. Therefore we will continue to provide you with insights and ideas through the speakers we invite.

Continue to connect

Impossibilities are made possible through relationship. The Beyond team will continue to grow its network to help you find the right network to grow your business.

Continue to support

As a philantropic initiative our aim is to to encourage and support future entrepreneurship in Belgium. And we hope you will continue to support us as well.

Our 2020 Alumni Activities


  • Bi-monthly webinar around HR issues
  • Attend workshop of choice of the current program
  • Leadership Workshop given by Denis Knoops (Dec. 2020)
  • Access to online resources


  • Kick-off BEyond 2020 (April 2020)
  • Kick-off BEyond 2020 (April 2020)
  • Zoute Grand prix (8-9 Oct 2020)
    • Preview Bonham auction
    • Dinner @ Royal Zoute Golf
    • Breakfast with Porsche and start of rally.
  • Opportunity to pitch at BEyond’s Investor Day.


A gesture of solidarity to continue to support the activities of BEyond.
Alumni donation: 950€